What is Chi Alpha (XA)?

Chi Alpha is a network of college ministries located on over 300 campuses across the United States. We are a student community earnestly seeking Jesus.


What church are you associated with?

On campus, Chi Alpha holds an interdenominational stance, meaning we welcome students of all faiths to belong. As an organization, we are an outreach of the Assemblies of God fellowship to the college campuses of the world. Get more info about our parent organization at Chi Alpha's national site.


How can I help my child get involved?

You can help your student get involved in a lot of different ways. You can check out the website of your child's Chi Alpha chapter for details on activities planned - find links on our Campus Profiles page. Road trips are always great for making friends, so we hope that you encourage and support your student to come to our annual conferences and mission projects.


Can I have someone from Chi Alpha contact my child?

Absolutely! We know that despite all the ways to find us online and on campus, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. We would be happy to have one of our staff members contact your child by email or Facebook to help start the ball rolling. Click here and send us an email with your child's name and which school he/she is attending!


What is your relationship with my child's university?

All official Chi Alpha groups are (or, in the case of new groups, are in the process to become) fully registered student organizations on their universities. This usually requires certain standards to be met by the group, such as creating and adhering to a Constitution & Bylaws, attending informational and training sessions by the university, and being under the supervision of a faculty adviser from the university. These standards are put in place by most universities to ensure the safety of your child and Chi Alpha groups are happy to comply.


Can I find you during freshman orientation

As a district, we encourage each of our groups to be available during freshman orientations, usually held during the summer. Most of our groups have information tables set up during a university-sponsored organization fair and you are welcome to find us there for more information about a specific group! You can always contact your child's campus group directly to find out if/when they will be participating in freshman orientations - visit our Campus Connections page for links to each group!


Is there a chance I can meet the staff or see Chi Alpha myself

Parents are always welcome to attend our weekly service meetings. To find details like when & where, visit our Campus Connections page for links to each group!


What can I do to help?

Chi Alpha, like many other missions organizations, is dependent upon the support of family and friends. We always welcome the financial contributions of parents, local businesses, and churches. If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved and what that might look like, please visit our Donations page.